SL Go keeps improving and trying new things, which makes it rather exciting!

They actually listen to their customers and seem to know what we would like to see and things we want to change.

One of the issues some people have had with the SL Go service is that they had to use their credit card and share personal information when signing up, even for the trial.

I can totally understand that because I don’t even have a credit card!

But now, as a sort of trial, for a limited time, you can actually sign up with a new user account and pay for it INWORLD!
Yep, just go to the SL Go island, find the sign up center and give it a go!

Visit the sign in and payment area by clicking the following link;

Because of the complexity, the SL Go team are trying this out with a limited number of people, just to how popular it will be.
If everything works out and people enjoy using this easy payment option, they’ll probably make it an official payment option to all.

I wanted to check with them if this could also allow people from countries where SL Go is not yet available (like Germany) could bypass that rule and get to sign up and start using the service anyway, that is why my story is a little late.

To find out what the situation was, I checked with Dennis Harper, the senior product manager.
According to him this option was not a solution for people in Germany as they still have legal restrictions from distributing games in that country.
As a result of my question they have decided to add a disclaimer at the sign up board and they promised to give full L$ refunds to anyone who signed up and just can’t use SL Go.
If this is you, just contact their support team at; support@onlive.com

If you are already a signed up SL Go user, you can’t switch to the inworld account just yet.

SL Go costs about L$650 a week, which is less than a hotel room at the Adlon in my 1920s Berlin sim!

sl go inworld payment