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In a blog post published today by Philip Rosedale it was announced that the Alpha testing of High Fidelity is now open to the public.

Several people have already been testing HiFi for quite a few months now, myself included, but it is great that the world is now advanced enough to welcome everyone else to this early stage.

Downloading the Alpha client will enable you to download client and server installers, deploy your own domain servers, create user accounts, register unique placenames, and start building and experimenting.

New users are reminded that HiFi is still in Alpha testing and there are still plenty of bugs and things that will be improved in a later stage.

There is also an alpha version of their own marketplace!

I have to admit that I haven’t been in HiFi for a long time because, well to be honest, I’m only interested in being able to build historical roleplaying places and when I was last there, it was just too early to get started on that.
But HiFi is moving fast, so I reckon its time to take another look, perhaps I’ll see you there!

You can read Mr Rosedale’s blog by clicking here.

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