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The news has finally come; Oculus will start shipping its consumer version of their VR Headset ‘The Rift’ in the first quarter of 2016.

I’ve written before about how I think VR is going to change the world as one day VR devices will become as common as Radios and television sets once were.

We’re already being flooded with VR games, software and technology, VR movies and TV are following rapidly and a few ‘virtual worlds’ are being developed.

Not to mention the other headsets that have already popping up all over the place

We are at the dawn of a VR renaissance and with a bit of luck, we’ll be the trailblazers.

Second Life is in a rather good position to take advantage of the situation.

Because no matter what people think of our virtual world, it is still the oldest, most experienced one out there, has its own stable economy, more content than anyone and is working on a brand new up to date version.

If Linden Lab manages to get their Next Generation Virtual World ready before or shortly after the release of the Rift, it could bring in a LOT of new users and start a second ‘Golden Age’ for Second Life.

So, exciting times ahead, one way or another.
VR is here to stay this time.

There is no word on the tech details or how much the Rift is going to cost but I’m sure that will all come soon.
Personally I can’t wait to buy one, I hope I can afford it.

Some more details here in this interview;



Picture; Oculus VR.