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An interesting kickstarter is offering us a glimpse into the future.

By attaching a device to your VR headset you’ll be able to experience heat, cold, wetness, vibration and even smells while exploring virtual worlds or playing a game.

Right now this is of course all still in a rather early phase and while everyone is trying to make VR work with fewer wearable tech, they are adding to it.
I doubt many of us will want to wear more stuff or even that helmet they show at the end.

But… the idea of walking trough 1920s Berlin and smelling the coal fires, ‘feel’ the rain, experience vibration while driving the tram, being cold while rushing trough dark streets to get to that basement bar where I’ll feel the heat and experience the cigarette smoke, the smell of sweat and lukewarm beer of this busy place while having a schnaps is one I’d love.

Kickstarters come and go, especially VR related ones are a dime a dozen.
Many amount to nothing and are just plain silly.
This one may also never make it big, it may be a bit ahead of its time, but it is interesting because it does show us what is already possible now and what will undoubtedly become mainstream one day in one way or another.

As soon as advertisers realise that one day they will be able to send you the smell of their newest Pizza while you’re watching a film, they’ll be pumping money into development.
Games,movies, virtual worlds… the journey has only just begun.

Check out the kickstarter page here.

Feelreal helmet