New Drax Files Radio Hour episode with an interview with Hamlet Au regarding the Atlas Obscura article and a wonderful story about using Minecraft in schools, not to be missed!

the drax files radio hour

show #68 show #68

dear listeners, if you want to go straight to german high school teacher mirek hancl explaining how he uses minecraft to engage 6th to 12th graders, skip to 35:00 in the show.

for those who want to know everything about the recent drama regarding second life journalism – please listen straight from the top:

after your listening pleasure = read on for context as per usual?

the atlas obscura article that started it all

atlas obscura on sl atlas obscura on sl

hamlet’s post in response & honour mcmillan’s rebuttal of the response

cica ghost's balloons - art without deviant sex [by ziki quesit] cica ghost’s balloons – art without deviant sex [by ziki quesit] – d/l unedited 30 min convo with hamlet [if you have the time & don’t trust us!]

– last week’s show also had to do with journalism…just saying…

– our musical guest slimmie

slimmie formerly slim warrior slimmie formerly slim warrior

mirek hancl teaches minecraft [he appears in “virtualize it!” from…

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