The 1920s Berlin Project

On May the 30th 2009 I opened the door to a little very basic, noob build bar and let the public in for the first time.
The 1920s Berlin Project was born!
Only 3 months after joining Second Life, barely understanding how to glue prims together, I had started something that would soon grow into a vibrant active community of wonderful people.

And there is more to come…

But first we need to celebrate the 6th (!) anniversary of our little neighbourhood and we’re doing this by organizing 6 days of fun events and inviting everyone to come visit.

You can find 1920s Berlin by clicking this link:

We look forward to seeing lots of familiar but also new faces visiting us.


Jo Yardley
Schedule of events:

Friday, May 29

All day: Open Door Day

On this day everyone is welcome to visit our sim and take a…

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