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As of immediately Linden Lab has raised the group limit for Second Life members with a premium account from 42 to 60!

A gift that is actually useful and will be welcomed by most premium members and may even entice a few people to become one.

Linden Lab announced this today in this blogpost.

I am one of those ‘power users’ Linden Lab speaks of and I’m very happy with this improvement.

For 1920s Berlin alone we have over a dozen groups!

Of course, if Linden Lab followed my advice we wouldn’t need this many groups.
In a previous blog post I suggested adding more functionality to groups, adding subgroups, more roles, selective group messaging, etc.

And as far as I know, the official Linden Lab viewer still does not allow you to turn certain group chats or notifications off, some other viewers do.
So having 60 groups and using the official viewer may mean you’ll get flooded by group chats and spam, even more than before.

Nevertheless, this is a good step forward and I hope Linden Lab gives us more gifts like these that make it actually interesting and worth our while to be premium members.

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