Another splendid Drax Files episode has been released today, as usual Draxtor Despres managed to make an impressive and wonderful short documentary about one of Second Life’s creative and talented inhabitants.

Enjoy and share!

Drax writes;

Paris, France based Maylee Oh makes a living by designing female apparel for avatars who live in the virtual world of Second Life.

“I can run my own business the way I like in terms of product and customer service!” says the 28-year old who worked for the better part of 8 years to establish her brand “The Secret Store”.

She is using a mix of creative tools such as Blender and Photoshop to arrive at a a unique and simple style that is quite popular among the millions of avatars from all around the world roaming the vast digital universe.

And even being a freelance designer does not mean being lonely in front of a computer because Maylee’s international collaborators share a virtual workspace in Second Life, they work indeed side by side and can productively socialize as if they were together in the physical realm.

The concept of virtual goods and services as a means of income may still be esoteric for many says Maylee but she adds: “…when skeptical friends say it is a waste to spend money on dressing up an avatar I usually reply that they are buying my time, my idea of style that they can make their own. It is not a waste. A lot of thought and work went into this. Everyone including me wants to make their avatar look good, because clothing is personal expression! What is wrong with that?”

Quite so!

For more information about Maylee check out http://www.thesecretstoresl.com/

Big thanks to Marianne McCann and all the great extra actors who participated in making this episode. Special thanks to Maylee’s
office colleagues – sorry to keep you from working during this production!

All animated images by Maylee Oh.