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I’ve been nagging, bribing and begging for a 24 hour day cycle in Second Life for a very long time.
You can read my first blog about it from 2012 by clicking here.

Every opportunity I’ve had I brought it up, bothering poor Lindens with it everywhere I could find them, even Ebbe himself.

But I realised that this was something only of interest to a few people and thus, rightfully so, Linden Lab we’re not that interested in putting a lot of time into it.

Nevertheless I kept asking about it and I am sure so did others.

And I kept changing the windlight setting in 1920s Berlin twice a day… by hand!
In 4 regions…
You can imagine that this is quite a pesky job!
And when I had a hangover after a wild RL party… Berlin wouldn’t see sun till in the afternoon!

After all I want to mimic reality in my sim and in RL Berlin days just don’t last 4 hours, as they do now if you turn on the day cycle option.

So today I went to listen to Oz Linden talk at the SL12B event and couldn’t resist mumbling something about the 24 hour day wish again.

Oz heard me and said that I’d convinced Ebbe and that 24 hour day cycles are indeed coming to Second Life!

Jo, you’ve convinced Ebbe that we need to do 24 hour days!
I can’t give you a time line but one of these days it will happen for sure.
It’s one of the things I want to make part of environment settings, whats the dateline.
So right now the 4 hour second Life day, the whole setting cycle is always 4 hours, is kind of baked in and it wouldn’t be hard to change it so that is a variable.
I’d like that myself, its one that really irritates me because I hold lots of inworld meetings at various places and I’d like it to be true that whenever I’m holding a meeting it’s day time and the way things are right now unless you just use a fixed setting its hard to make sure a particular setting always lines up with a particular time of day in real time.

I can’t wait to experience my first 24 hour cycle in Berlin, actually seeing it get dark in SL as it gets darker in RL.

Maybe we can even link the daylight setting to a timezone!
Imagine that, never having to tweak the windlight again and see it change as seasons change.
Or even better… a windlight system that is linked to the weather… so we can have windlight mimic RL even more…
But maybe we should save that for another day or Sansar.
I want my 24 hour days first, so I can finally stop tweaking the windlight twice a day…

I just want people to visit Berlin and experience the time of day it is in Berlin in RL at that moment, of course if they don’t like being there at night, they can always turn the sun back on in their own viewer.
Second Life offers us so much freedom, we can do pretty much whatever we want and we can build anything our imagination can come up with.
So its a bit odd that we’re limited to 4 hour day cycles!

See the interview here;

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