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I stumbled upon this nice article on a website called mmorpg.com, an online community all about massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

I first thought it was just another story, but it turned out to be an interview by Neilie Johnson with Ebbe and Pete Linden and although nothing really shocking or new was revealed it is still a rather interesting read.

But although it just looks like a post on a small online forum, it is quite a bit more than that.

Mmorpg.com is extra interesting because it is read by a very important target audience for Second Life, it is not a tv show watched by millions of whom most have little or no interest in actually joining us in our virtual world, but it is read by people much more likely to actually be interested and willing to come try it out.

The website has over 46.000 followers on twitter and more than 76.000 ‘likes’ on Facebook.
Not to mention that the website itself has over 3 million members!
And all of these people are members of online communities and play online games.
This is why it makes this interview so interesting.
After all, when you’re trying to sell food it is better to target hungry people than people who are on a diet.
This interview is like talking to an army of Mr. Creosote’s who are very, very hungry.
Don’t look up Mr. Creosote.
I warned you.

The article is pretty good and doesn’t mention the bad reputation Second Life has/had, but it does come up in the comments section, once more showing that the shadow of the past hasn’t quite cleared up yet.
But other readers are rather positive and are quick to explain that SL is more than just that.
The story is also accompanied by some rather decent pictures.

You can read the full story by clicking here.

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