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You may remember a website called “moviepilot” (what a name!) when one of their articles caused quite a kerfuffle a while back.

Writer (and I use that term very loosely in this case) Marlon McDonald made a real mess of things when he wrote an article about Second Life back in 2014 that was one of the worst I’d ever seen.
All the negative cliches were brought up, SL was “unmasked” as a place full of perversion and hanky panky.
On top of that, the article was illustrated with pictures from the SL prehistory and some even from completely different games!

It was horrendous and there was a lot of backlash.

You can read my blog on that story by clicking here and Inara Pey’s blog by clicking here, she even got them to publish her rebuttal which you can read by clicking here.

When they published another article on Second Life I wasn’t quite sure what to expect but it seems they have changed their tune and published something about our virtual world that actually makes sense, sort of, and even involved doing some research.

The newest article, called ‘Second Life: How to navigate an Online Virtual World (and Maybe Even Make Some Money), written by Jack Carr, is a lot more positive and honest.
It also uses a few decent and up to date illustrations.
Sex gets quite some attention but this is balanced by also talking about some of the other things possible in SL.
It is also nice to see our 1920s Berlin Project get some attention although we really don’t have a cabaret club on every corner!

So although there isn’t a lot of depth or detail in the story, it is balanced, factual and about a zillion times better than the hysterically bad piece written by Mr McDonald.

I know my dear fellow cynics, I know, Moviepilot doesn’t really care about SL or about what their writers write some of the time, but they have 5 million likes on Facebook (yes really! That is even more than I have), 40 thousand twitter followers and they’ve finally written something positive about our virtual world, so that is a good thing!