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Today a nice article about Sansar, the next virtual world Linden Lab is building revealed a few new details.

The article was published on WDSU, a NBC-affiliated television station located in New Orleans and CNN Money.

A few interesting things were mentioned so I thought I’d share them here.

Think of it as the YouTube of the virtual world — an entry point for anyone who wants to build a VR experience without investing a ton of time and money.

I think this is a rather brilliant way of describing Sansar, or any kind of user created virtual world.
I prefer it to the WordPress comparison made before.
I also think this is the way to sell Sansar to the world; this is the entry point for anyone interested in creating their own VR experience, just like Youtube has brought millions to the world of making this new kind of Television.

“We know more than anybody else what it takes to do something like this,” said Linden Labs CEO Ebbe Altberg.

Well done Ebbe on sharing that very important bit of information, no matter what you think of Second Life, it has given Linden Lab more of something pretty much nobody has; lots and lots of experience with a virtual online world.

Creating worlds will be more difficult in Project Sansar than Second Life, but Altberg said they’ve made a tool non-engineers can use.

This is both worrying and intriguing.
It is scary to hear that creating is going to be more difficult, but what does Ebbe mean?
Does it mean more difficult than the very basic building with prims or more difficult than making mesh, something many of us already need outside tools for.
I think it is essential for Sansar to succeed to have inworld building tools that make it easy for us to create but also allows us to create things together with others.
So this mysterious tool sounds good but I guess we won’t know how much more complicated it is till we get to try it ourselves or till one of the testers leaks information.
If you’re reading this testers… give me a call 😉

Internally, Linden Labs employees are working on polishing the product, building their own test worlds along the way. They’ve made a desert scene with crazy big machinery, weird futuristic lounges and a famous landmark. They’ve even created an exact replica of a conference room in Linden Labs’ San Francisco office, down to the objects on the desk.

This are some of the first descriptions of what is already being created in Sansar that I’ve found and it sounds good.
It makes the imagination run wild.
If only I could go and have a look myself!
Someone send me an invite already!

Finally, what is it with people adding an S to Linden Lab?
There is no Linden Labs, technically, I don’t even think Linden Lab is one lab, they don’t wear white coats, there are no flasks, no bunsen burners, no brains in jars and they don’t even blow up stuff now and then.

Anyway, make sure to check the complete article out by clicking here.

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