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This weekend there is another MadPea auction for a very cool charity; the Live and Learn in Kenya organisation wants to build a school in Kenya.
A wonderful chance to make an actual difference for generations.

Read more about the background of this great charity event on Inara Pey’s blog by clicking here.

This years MadPea Celebrity Auction started today and will end at 20:00 SLT this Sunday (September 27th).
Lots of Second Life celebrities are offering up all sorts of wonderful services, events, dates, chats, tours and goods to whoever made the highest bid when the bidding ends.

Just some of the people you can bid on;

  • Alexa Linden – Will sit with you and answer all sorts of questions you may have.
  • Simon Linden – Will go on a date with you for an hour or build and script with you!
  • Xiola Linden – Will go on a date with you, hang out, dance, shop and take pictures!
  • Rider Linden – Will escort you to a performance or offer 1 hour of tutoring in LSL scripting!
  • Gabrielle Riel – Will DJ for you or help you organise an event.
  • Inara Pey – Will make a wonderful video on any subject of your choice and blogged about!
  • Saffia Widdershins – Will make a Designing Worlds show on the subject of your choice!
  • Jessica Lyon – Will spend a hour with you going on a date, chat, travel or of course, talk Firestorm 🙂
  • Draxtor Despres – Will cut his hair in RL! Well, no, he won’t. But, even better, he is offering anything machinima related, maybe make a profile about you?

And those are just a few of the many things you can bid on.

And yes, this year, you can also bid on me!
If you’re the highest bidder, you’ll be my personal guest during a tour of the 1920s Berlin Project, I’ll show you all the corners, backstreets, clubs, my private home and even the Opium den few people know about.
We will then book you into the Hotel Adlon, the most luxurious hotel in the city.
You will be our guest for an entire weekend and, if you want, be treated like someone famous!
Imagine, you could feel like Marlene Dietrich or Clark Gable, having people line up to dance with you, pretty young things throwing themselves at your feet, lots of free drinks, people applauding when you enter a room at all the clubs and parties, etc.

You’ll find my donation board on the left of the main stage, click here for a slurl.

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