Tyche Shepherd (SL Grid Survey) published a Private Estate survey on the SL Universe forum.
I’m a sucker for facts and figures, so with permission, I share the publication here;

Well it’s been a while since my last Private Estate Survey run back in November 2013 which you can find in this same thread here New SL Sims in past week

So here is the March 2016 Private Estate Survey , these results are based on a sample of 5000 randomly selected private estate regions designed to estimate Full/Homestead/Openspace penetration.

Summary: Overall distribution of Region types is very much unchanged from Nov 2013. Ownership however is much more concentrated with a larger proportion of the grid being owned by the top estates. Tier is still healthy at just under US$3.4M for the month

The key results are as follows:

  • Full Regions : 2266
  • Homestead Regions: 1921
  • Openspace: 21
  • Closed to Public :792

Of the 4208 accessible regions , 53.9% are Full Regions, 45.6% are Homesteads and 0.5% are Openspaces. The Margins of Error are +/-1.28% , +/- 1.28% and +/-0.18% respectively for the three figures figure at the 95% confidence level. Full Regions and Homesteads have gained 0.1% each in share since July with Openspaces losing 0.2% . So in 2 and a bit years very little change in distribution of region types.

During this period Private estates had a net loss of 1875 Regions to a total of 17549 representing an overall decline of 10.7% since Nov 2013 . The proportion closed to public access was significantly up from 12.0% to 15.8%.

2 of the Full Regions were Linden Developed Regions (i.e. sold new with content) were included in the sample this time, but no Developed Homestead was sampled. Again as with all previous surveys this is too small penetration to estimate total number. 32 of the sampled full regions were Skill Gaming designated ones (1.7% of Private Estate Regions).

284 of the 1921 (14.68%) Homestead regions were at the new non-grandfathered rate, this is down on on Nov 2013 figure of 17.6% .

Taking these figures a good estimate of private estate tier due each month is US$3,385,000 +/- US$43,000 . (Calculated using known grandfathering rates but excludes any academic reductions and is rounded to the closest US$1000), this figure is significantly down on Nov 2013’s estimate of US$3,857,000 by $472,000 (down by 12%).

The top 20 landowners currently control 49.1% (+/- 1.3%) of private estate regions, This is significantly up on Nov 2013 (39.5%) , using list prices their holdings account for 40.6% of total private estate tier (Nov 2013 was 30.5%)

The figures for the top 10 landowners are 36.4% (+/- 1.2%) of regions and 29.5% of tier (the larger estates tend to have a bigger proportion of homesteads than smaller estates). This share for the top 10 is signifcantly up on Nov 2013’s figure of 28.9% of private estate regions.

The Top 10 Full Region/Homestead/Openspace proportions are 37.1%/62.8%/0.1% and 38.6%/61.3%/0.0% for the top 20

The Top 20 Estates by number of regions held are as follows:

  • Dreamseeker Estates 6.1%
  • Azure Islands (ACS) 5.1%
  • Richmond Land Management 4.9%
  • Zoha Islands 4.7%
  • Jessica Chung (ACS) 3.3%
  • Weezles Real Estate (WRE) 2.8%
  • Surreal Chung (ACS) 2.6%
  • Victoria Chung (ACS) 2.6%
  • Miriam Chung (ACS) 2.3%
  • Lorena Chung (ACS) 2.0%
  • Blanxi Estates 2.0%
  • Lala Rentals 1.5%
  • Jewels Island 1.4%
  • Fruit Islands Estate 1.4%
  • Bell Estates 1.2%
  • Lombardi Holdings 1.2%
  • Heidi Chung (ACS) 1.0%
  • Kendallwood Virtual Estates 1.0% tied for 18th place with …
  • Serena Estates 1.0%
  • Luxory Estates 1.0%

Total known ACS holdings come to 19.1%. (13.8% in Nov 2013)

The Margins of error for these Estate shares range from +/-0.6% for the largest down to +/- 0.2% for the smallest so some of the ranking especially between 11th and 20th place may be slightly off. These rankings are purely on number of regions owned and are not based on FRE numbers .

The regions were running on the following distribution of server class

  • Unknown 0.05%
  • Class 701 46.15%
  • Class 801 53.78%
  • Class 830 0.02%

Survey Details: This survey was based on a random sample of 5000 private estate regions drawn from all 17524 private estates on the grid on 25th March 2014. The actual surveying took place between 25th & 26th March 2016. A further 17 regions were randomly selected to top up the sample, replacing regions which were unavailable (other than closed to public access) at the time of surveying.

Tyche Shepherd (SL Grid Survey).

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