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Linden Lab just announced (click) a new set of starter avatars with themes such as “steampunk, vampires, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic… and beyond!”
Not a theme I have much affinity with, perhaps next time we can have Time Travellers as a theme for starter avatars?
Victorian, Medieval, Roman… and oh I don’t know… 1920s! 😉

They have the normal good old fashioned system bodies, which is a good decision as mesh avatars are something for more experienced users.

If only we could now also find an easier way to deal with alpha layers, can’t we connect them to the clothes so you wear them automatically?

Anyway, more choice of new avatars is a good thing although I still think it would be even better to have some sort of avatar creation tool on the SL website as part of the signup process.
Let new users play with how they want their avatar to look before they even start Second Life.

This is what the 10 new avatars look like;

Linden Lab made an internal video to introduce these new avatars, you can see it here;