The fundraising for my new project has begun;

Time Portal

As everyone in Second Life knows; buying a new or even second hand region, investing in a pile of buildings, props and  furniture, and then grandfathering it to make sure you can keep paying the tier, costs a bundle of money.
Hundreds of real non virtual dollars.

I know there is a need for a new good historical, vintage and retro shopping sim and know that people will love the community I’ll create around it, offering visitors a diverse and photogenic location where they can hang out, enjoy a hamburger at a 1950s diner, listen to Medieval music, watch 1930s movies, dance to the music of an 17th century harpsichord, etc, etc.
They can even move in and live in a wonderful historical apartment or house.

This new community for Time Travellers will be called ‘Time Portal’.

If you want to read more about our plan, click here.

To finance this…

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