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Ebbe showed the Wall Street Journal a short demonstration of Sansar at the WSJDLive conference.

In an apartment he moved a few items around, quite easily and with the use of a little Hand-held (virtual) device.

Oct-27-2016 00-32-06.gif

He also moved himself around by clicking a spot on the floor, we see an icon on the floor with two feet on them.
Going around a virtual world by clicking where to teleport is of course far from ideal but until we can get good and affordable omnidirectional treadmills that actually work well, this is a solution you can see in most virtual games, worlds, etc.

One of the presenters asked if he had any food in his apartment, unfortunately I have not yet been let in so he couldn’t even offer them a glass of schnapps.

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Ebbe also mentioned that a few hundred users are now in Sansar, no I’m not one of them, I know, it is a scandal isn’t it?
How on earth do all those poor avatars manage surviving there without my schnapps?!

You can see the full video by clicking here.

On Twitter I also found a short video of Sansar Avatars.
They look pretty decent but the movement needs some work.

Oct-27-2016 01-10-52.gif