At 3pm SLT Linden Lab announced the Rolling restarts of all Second Life sims, it had been rumoured for a while that these restarts would be the moment when the entire grid  would have their prim limits raised, as mentioned in my blog before that you can ready by clicking here.

I can now confirm that this is indeed the case!
If you own a region or homestead, you can restart it and check if your Region Capacity has gone up.

An official announcement is expected later today and the restarts are happening as we speak, so give it some time.

A reminder;

New allowances:


  • Full region  -22500 (was 15000)
  • Homesteads – 5000 (was 3750)
  • Openspace – 1000 (was 750)

Private estates (Islands);

  • Full region – 20000 (was 15000)
  • Homesteads – 5000 (was 3750)
  • Openspace – 1000 (was 750)

Thank you Father Primsmas but of course also all little Linden Elves who worked on this.

father primsmas.jpg