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Hot on the heels of the youtube video news a few websites have already published articles on this latest footage but also on Sansar in general.
It looks like Linden Lab played their cards right and kickstarted the publicity in advance of the announcement, making sure a few websites got their interviews ready.

These articles also included new screenshots and interesting news.

A website called Tom’s Hardware announced that Linden Lab introduced the Sansar Dollar today, the currency for Sansar.
Or the S$, I assume.
The creators who have been allowed to take part in the preview can start buying them now and use them to sell and buy things on the Sansar Marketplace.

In an interview Ebbe also says that they will continue to allow new users in throughout the first quarter of 2017.
Which probably means that the official opening in January was a bit too optimistic.

Ebbe also explains that they want to do things differently with Sansar, the hosting fees (tier) will be much lower and that Linden Lab will in stead try and make more money on the G.D.P.
So LL is changing from High property tax and almost no consumption tax in Second Life to lower property tax and higher consumption tax.
Ebbe has explained this before but some people still seem to think we’ll get high tier in Sansar.

You can read the entire article by clicking here, there are also new screenshots.