I feel really uncomfortable about asking people for financial support, or asking people for any kind of help really.
But after months of struggling along with my 2011 computer that it literally being kept together with sticky tape and no real change in my dire financial situation on the horizon, I realised something had to be done.

It is really hard to work in SL and I can’t even start visiting Sansar or trying out headset VR without a new computer.

I had a long think about it and several people suggested I’d try gofundme.com.
I didn’t really want to but let them convince me.
In a way it is not that different from me rudely reminding guests at my bar of my tip jar and threatening them if they don’t tip me.

But  as I still don’t like the idea of asking for help, I am looking at it in a different way.
Half of SL is getting sick an tired of me complaining and going on and on and on about how bad my old computer is and how badly I need a new one.
Now you can shut me up!
Or at least make me stop talking about my bad computer.

Simply follow the instructions on this gofundme page;


Of course inworld tips are also an option.