Recently LL announced a new benefit for premium members, in stead of the 1 month of records for your transactions, they now can look back 3 months.

This is very handy and a great little bonus but I have to admit I can’t help looking this gift horse in the mouth a bit.
With all these servers and super computers Linden Lab has access too, that can render huge virtual worlds and send countless terabytes all over the globe, I always found it odd that they couldn’t put a side a little bit of server space to keep all these records for us.

Surely it would only take a few gigabyte to save EVERY transaction EVER made by ALL avatars?

Of course I really don’t know much about the space this takes up and perhaps effort to keep it all running, but still, I’m surprised we can’t already look back in our transaction records all the way back to the day we got our first Linden from that nice stranger who felt sorry for a noob, or from that chair we sat in for hours or that person we kept bothering.

After all, its just zeros and ones right?

Having said that, any bonus is a good thing of course.

You can read the official announcement here;