Yes, I am leaving Second Life… for a few days.

Ha, sorry, I couldn’t resist the ‘clickbait’ title.
Did I scare you or were you ecstatic with joy?

Anyway, as some of you know, my RL dream for many years has been escaping the big cities I’ve lived in all my life and move to the countryside and now this dream has come true.
My family has rented a little farm in the North East of the Netherlands with a bit of land and lots of surrounding fields and I am moving there tomorrow!

I’m very excited of course, I love nature and animals and especially peace and quiet and can’t wait to leave Amsterdam behind me for ever.

But this also means that it may take a few days, and with new years eve coming up soon, perhaps even a week, before I get an internet connection up and running on the farm.
And internet will be VERY slow there so even when I get it, SL may be a bit tricky for me at first.
Luckily it has already been confirmed that I’m getting fibre optics internet installed in 2018 so I’ll have super fast internet soon, faster than you can get in Amsterdam!

So you will have to manage without my complaining, snarky comments, euphemisms and rudeness towards the drunks in my 1920s Berlin bar for a bit.

I’m not abandoning Berlin and Time Portal, managers and sim police will be around to keep an eye on visitors and deal with naughty ones.
If you’re a tenant or have other urgent issues, try asking in group chat for help or send me an email, contact info is in my SL profile.

I hope you all have a wonderful new year’s eve and a fantastic 1929.

See you on the other side.



The end of my new garden