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One of SL’s most wonderful historical sims Pfaffenthal 1867 has announced it is closing its doors as it is about to move to Sansar.

Pfaffenthal 1867 is a wonderful reconstruction of the historical quarter of central Luxembourg City.
It is a great city to explore, it has been very popular with SL photographers and video makers.

Members in the group received this note;

Dear citizens,

The moment has finally arrived, for the 1867 project to move on to SANSAR, were land is free, where we can have better graphics,VR headsets and real physical interactivity. Note that sansar works very well on a normal PC,for desktop mode you do NOT need a gamer PC.

All the 1867 sims in second life will be shut down next monday, on the 26th of november. Please pack all your stuff by then.

We will have a good bye party, saturday the 24th of november at 10 am at café neuen.
Please join us in SANSAR and be among the first to get a new house there! we have 4×4 km !

cheers to all of you!

Hauptmann Weydert

As a history addict I’m sad to see one of the few historically accurate sim in SL vanish.
Personally I’m not sure Sansar is ready for a historical roleplaying community.
Are there enough Victorian clothes, is there a rental system yet, could you buy enough period furniture to decorate the homes, can you even open doors in Sansar?
I don’t know, things are going fast there and I haven’t been in a while.
I’m not sure how it will work out but it does give me a reason to visit Sansar again so I will find out soon enough if the Sansar Pfaffenthal is as good, interactive and alive as the Second Life one.


Mind you, having visited a few small experiences in Sansar, I dread the loading time for something as big and detailed as Pfaffenthal.

I hope it all works out for the sim and its community.

If you want to take another look around the SL Pfaffenthal, do so while you can!
Here is the slurl; http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pfaffenthal%20Beenchen/216/255/33

And remember Virtual Victorians, if you need a new home in Second Life, you can always come to Victorian London in the Time Portal sim! (click for slurl)