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On this day exactly 10 years ago I joined Second Life.

Well technically, I re-joined Second Life.
I tried it out in 2007, walked around a bit, saw lots of weird people doing weird things, didn’t get it, ran off, planning never to return.

Then in 2009 I got a new computer, wanted to push it to its limits and remembered this virtual world that truly was quite a computer testing experience.
After I tried SL for a few minutes and was about to log off, again for ever, I decided to use the search option and look for something vintage, something historical.
I found a 1930s themed club, realised anyone could build stuff in SL, realised I could build stuff in SL, realised I could use SL to do the one thing I couldn’t do in RL; travel back in time.
The rest is, in more ways than one; history.

In this decade SL has changed a lot, it improved beyond recognition.
My avatar hasn’t.
Nor did my interests.
I started the 1920s Berlin Project a few weeks after joining and in 2 months it will be celebrating its 10th anniversary.

SL has given me some unique experiences, it also provided me (eventually) with a modest income that even allowed me to stay home and look after my dog in the last months of her life in stead of having to go to work.
I’ll always be grateful for that.

But SL also introduced me to some amazing people, I’ve made friends all over the world, I’ve been able to share my passion for history with them, I’ve taught people a lot of stuff and they taught me even more.

The future is bright, I’m not looking forward to having to learn Blender, am yet to fall in love with Sansar, but still have tons of ideas for Second Life… that I’ll get started on as soon as tier gets a little lower…

Talking of tier.
When a tenant in Berlin celebrates their anniversary as a Berliner, I give them one month free rent.
Yes, that is a very subtle hint of mine towards Linden Lab… go on… give me a month of tier for my 10th anniversary 😉

Here’s to the next 10 years!

Me in 2009, just before the opening of 1920s Berlin.