Linden Lab wants to move away from making the bulk of their money through tier because of course expensive land is one of the things that needs changing in SL.
But that means they need to make their money in other ways, for instance by increasing our money transfers more expensive.

Personally I think making lots of little things a little bit more expensive is better than making a few things a lot more expensive.
That way we all carry the load in stead of just the land owners and content/experience creators.

One of the ways LL is already making everybody pay a little amount is by uploading textures.
We all do this, not just creators.
And every time we do, LL gets 10L$.

Big textures demand a lot from our computers, internet connections and LL’s servers.
If you go to a sim and everything is grey and it takes for ever to see anything, that’s because of big and/or too many textures all being squeezed through your internet cable.
Unfortunately SL is full of people who don’t know or don’t care about this and they fill our virtual world with huge textures.
Not just when it is justified, like when you’re making a big building that needs to look good up close, but also for no reason whatsoever, as part of things that really don’t need such a high resolution.
I’ve found 1024×1024 pixels textures on the bottom of shoes, the back of paintings or as minuscule parts of tiny earrings.
Situations where the creator could have easily used a lot smaller texture without anyone noticing it.
Of course we do all notice the lag these textures cause.

So if Linden Lab makes more money here and there they can make other things cheaper and it is in everybody’s best interest if we use fewer big textures in SL.
Put that all together and we come to a system where you pay more to upload bigger textures AND pay less when you upload smaller textures!

And I’m not talking about huge fees, but for example, uploading a 1024×1024 example could cost you 15L$, the basic 512×512 would still cost 10L$ but the 256×256 texture would only cost 5L$.
So if you use small textures you get rewarded and content creators who know that they can use smaller textures in many places will actually spend less money on uploading fees in many cases.

As I said before, everybody uploads textures in SL, not just builders.
We make snapshots, upload wallpaper for our home, RL photos to show friends, etc.
So this is something that will not only mean everybody gets to pay, it also, hopefully, encourage people to think more about the size o the textures they upload into SL.

Of course… Linden Lab could at the same time start offering people FREE uploads as a premium account perk…
I reckon that would be one of the most popular perks ever!
But even if the perk would be cheaper uploads or the the option to upload temporary textures for free, it would be very welcomed by many.

So what do you think?
Silly complicated idea or a brilliant one?
And can you think of other small fees LL could charge that would allow them to not charge so much when it comes to tier or money transfers?
Let me know in the comments.