I’m the eternal old spinster, I don’t need no family, but lots of people in SL do.
They love getting married or just partnering with their best friend.
People start families, clans, clubs, gangs, etc.

But although at least we can partner someone of the same gender and animals, furries, ghosts, dragons, etc, one part of the partnering system is still stuck in the past; you can only partner to one person at a time.

There is no real reason for this, partnering someone doesn’t do anything, all it means is that their name is added to your profile.

I would like to see partnering improved and expanded, perhaps as a premium membership perk…

For starters of course allow us to partner more than one person.
Even in the classic sense of partnering there are some romantic relationships that include more than two people.
Get with the times Lindens!

You should be able to partner more than one person, not just because of unconventional relationships but also, as I just mentioned, because people use the partnering option for other relationships as well.
If you have a family, wouldn’t it be nice to have your kids connected to you in your profile as well?
And your parents?
What if you’re a member of a gang or a vampire clan or someone’s slave in ancient Rome?
Would you not like to have those people shown in your profile as well?
Yes you can prove you were made a vampire by Lestrade, look he is in your profile, something that can only be done if he accepted your proposal!

Having more than one partner might clutter up your profile, even if the section is replaced with a drop down menu.
So it would be a good idea to make this a separate tab, the ‘Relations’ tab.

It could look a bit like the picks page in your profile.
Anyone you’d partner with would appear there, like a pick, with their profile pick, their name and below it a window where you can write some stuff.
There is space for 10 picks in your profile, adding 10 possible partners might be enough or at least a good start.
Of course again here is an option for LL to tempt people into becoming premium members by for instance allowing regular users only one partner or none and informing regular users that the relations tab is only available to premium members with a link to the sign up page.

Try and imagine what this could look like.
In your window you have one tab that says relations.
Here you see several people, all these people are there because you “proposed” to them or formally asked to partner them.
One of them is the man of your dreams, two of them are your kids, but you’ve also added your best friends and that lovely chap who was the first person you met in SL and who showed you around but sadly died years ago.
This tab will be a collection of memories, friendship, love or just a display of all the really bad dudes that are in the same gang as you are.
Yeah don’t mess with me, “Skullcrusher” Henderson is in my gang, yeah check out my profile, see!

Personally I think this would be a fun perk for many of us and it would make being a premium member even more tempting.

On top of that all the divorces that will ultimately follow all these relationships will put more money in LL’s coffers!

What do you think?
Good idea, silly?
How many partners do you need?
Let me know in the comments section below.