Totally missed this interesting documentary about Sansar.
And yes before you ask, I am in Sansar but don’t spend a much of time there as I’m still too dim to create the stuff I want to create in that world.

Normally I only blog when I have some news that others haven’t already posted about, but because I’ve missed it, maybe you missed it and I just like the documentary and so here it is;

Some comments;

Nice hat Ebbe, good start, now start wearing an 1930s suit with the hat, come on, you know you want to 😉
The avatar creation tool looks good.
I love the idea of getting a piece every time someone sells something you’ve worked on even if they linked it to something else and sell it as their own.
I see that Linden Lab still doesn’t look like a lab and they still haven’t hired a plasterer to do something about those bare brick walls.

Ebbe says that they may have left some of the key ingredients behind in SL that could be the difference between success and fail.
I think that is indeed the problem at the moment, the ingredients that would make me move to Sansar are not there yet.
With the emphasis on yet of course.
I’ll be keeping an eye on Sansar, dropping in now and then, but it is too soon for me to actually start building my first historical RP community there.
What about you, why aren’t you in Sansar yet?