Some wonderful news from Linden Lab; the last names are back from today!
Well, for those of us who have a premium account.
Which may not sound nice if you don’t have one but I think it is a good idea, more about that later.

Anyway, in short, for years people who joined SL had to pick from a list of last names, which is why my name is Jo Yardley.
I never would have chosen Yardley, but I assumed I’d be spending some time in English sims, as I’m a Anglophile.
Had I known I’d be living in 1920s Berlin for a decade, I would have chosen something a bit more German!

So if you have a premium account and are willing to pay about $40 you can change your first name and pick a new last name, again from a list of last names.

OMG I could be Jo Jazzhands!
Of course I can not change my name, not after having had the same one for over a decade, a name connected to 1920s Berlin, Time Portal, some publicity stuff I’ve done, etc.
I don’t want to brag but my name is known (and feared) by a few people, not to mention that I’ve been part of a vibrant active roleplaying community.
Frau Jo Yardley has lived in 1920s Berlin since 1912, she can’t just change her name!

I like last names and always thought getting rid of them was a bad idea, but unfortunately Linden Lab still has not made me prime ultra uber-consultant.
Meeting someone with the same last name as I have was always a lot of fun.
On the other side, if someone misbehaved in my sim, I would absolutely go bother people with the same last name about it, complaining to them about their rude cousin, always as a bit of fun though 😉

I love display names, they’re a great gadget for the roleplaying community.
But they also allow people who have partnered or consider themselves family to carry the same last name.
I bet some people will spend hours refreshing the page till they see the name they want, perhaps the last name of their husband or wife so they can be properly married, without the need of display-names.

I’ll just remain good old grumpy Jo Yardley, I won’t be changing any names of alts because it’s too expensive, but I’m sure this change that has been long awaited will be just what some people want.

For more information and details make sure you read the official announcement by clicking here.