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I’ve made this suggestion in previous posts before, come to think of it, I’ve subtly mentioned wanting a gift from Linden Lab every time my 1920s Berlin Project sim celebrated an anniversary.
But during SL’s 17th anniversary celebrations Ebbe and some of the other Lindens showed interest in this idea and hinted at that is is being discussed at Linden Lab, so I thought I’d write a blog about it, just to, subtly, try and steer Linden Lab in the right direction.
Because you know me, Fraulein Subtle.

In 1920s Berlin people who have been a tenant get rewarded every year on the birthday of their tenancy.
They get a note of thanks from me, their picture in the Long Term Tenant’s gallery at our inworld city hall, they get congratulated in our Facebook group and… they get a month of rent, for free.

The Long term tenants gallery in 1920s Berlin

Second Life has now been around for 17 years and of course much of the success of our virtual world is because of the people who have been living, working and creating parts of this world.
I think it would be nice if those of us who have been here for a while could be rewarded.
Here are a few suggestions on how Linden Lab could celebrate our rez days;

Ideas for regular SL residents rez anniversaries;

  • Congratulatory message;
    It should be relatively easy for LL to program an automated IM message that gets send to a SL resident on their rezday.
    Although not very personal or original, it would be nice to once a year get a little message from Linden Lab, thanking us for being in SL.
    It could also be a nice reminder for those of us who haven’t been online for a while to check in.
  • Profile badge;
    It might be fun, especially for bragging purposes, to have a badge displayed in your profile showing everyone how long you’ve been active in SL.
    Imagine one day checking your profile and seeing a little cocarde or medal there with a 5 or 10, depending on how long you’ve been inworld.
  • Inworld gift;
    Always nice to receive a little gift, nothing fancy but exclusive!
    A nice cake, a picture frame with a photo of all the Lindens, a golden trophy, etc.
    Just something fun you can rez in your home.
  • Real world gift;
    Yes, why not!
    Linden Lab/Second life has/had merchandise, or merch as the kids call it these days.
    Unfortunately we can’t buy it from the SL website (why not?!) but it would be really great to receive a present from your virtual world on your real world doormat.
    A t-shirt, a plastic plywood prim, a poster or even just a postcard.
    It should be only for very special anniversaries, for instance for when someone has been an active member of SL for a decade.
  • Attention;
    Getting attention is always nice, well for most people anyway.
    On special anniversaries, like 5th, 10th, etc. it would be fun to be mentioned on SL’s Social media.
    What about “Congratulations Jo Yardley on her 20th anniversary as a resident of Second Life!” on Facebook/Twitter perhaps?
    Not just would this be fun for the residents, it’s also a bit of publicity for SL, I mean how many virtual online worlds can brag that people have been living there for years?
  • Discount;
    Although SL is of course free to use, many of us, especially longtermers, are premium members.
    This costs you USD 11.99 a month.
    Even a small discount would be a nice gesture that would eventually add up.
    Imagine if your premium account only costs you USD 10.- a month after your 10th anniversary?
    I bet a lot of people would appreciate that.

Besides residents there are also communities, exhibits, clubs, shops, etc. that manage to survive in Second Life for several years.
This is perhaps even more remarkable as it involves keeping people happy, making publicity, managing events, paying lots of tier, creating new things, etc.
If you can keep a place going that not only keeps people from leaving SL but also lures new users in or simply creates another place of interest that makes SL worth everybody’s while, you deserve gifts!
Here’s my list of suggestions of how managers/owners/founders of these places can be rewarded;

  • Congratulatory message;
    As above, let these people know you appreciate the work they put into creating a place, community, venue in SL.
  • Profile badge;
    As above, but the badge/sticker is seen on the group’s page.
    This can be quite nice to have as it would show people who are interested in perhaps visiting your Sim that they’re going to a well established place.
    If you’re going to a roleplaying community that has a 10 year anniversary badge on their profile, you know the odds of it vanishing within a few weeks like those other places you’ve visited are slim.
  • Inworld gift;
    As above.
    But a nice trophy is perhaps even nicer to give an honorary spot in your club than it is to place it on your mantelpiece at home.
    “Oh honey this club has received a reward, let’s see what it says, oh my they’ve been around for a decade! This must be a swell joint!”.
  • Attention;
    As above.
    Of course getting attention is extra nice for a venue as it can bring you extra traffic!
    Being mentioned on official SL social media or the website can give your place a huge boost in traffic which in turn can result in new tenants, regulars, sales, etc.
  • Destination guide;
    Perhaps there could be a special category in the destination guide of all the places in SL that have been there for an X amount of years; the oldtimers.
  • Discount;
    Although SL has gotten cheaper the last few years, renting a piece of land or even regions, homesteads etc. is still not cheap.
    Making sure you can pay your tier every month is a big task and for many sims tier has been the reason of their demise.
    It would be great if the communities/shops/venues/clubs/etc that do manage to keep going for several years get rewarded with a tier discount.
    Perhaps lower their tier permanently or allow them to to not pay any tier at all during the month of their anniversary.
    Having to spend a little less every month can make a real difference, having a bonus once every few years because you don’t have to pay any tier can be very welcome.

So, in short; reward those of us who stick around and those of us who (also) create and keep places & experiences going.
Have you got any ideas & suggestions on what kind of gift you’d like to receive for your rezday?