About me

I first joined the virtual online world of Second Life in January 2007, looked around and thought what many people seem to think about Second Life; It is a weird ugly place full of wacky people who do boring or disturbing things.

I let SL as fast as I could.

In 2009 I decided to try Second Life again, simply because I wanted to test the abilities of the new computer I had bought and I remembered that Second Life was rather demanding.

Again I felt really uncomfortable and out of place and wanted to leave, but just before I deleted Second Life, I decided to search for something I love; history.

I got lucky, I found a place called ‘Flashmans’, a wonderful sort of French 1930s bar where I heard decades old music, for the first time saw a sim I thought looked nice and met interesting and nice people who shared my passion for the past.

I was hooked.

After spending a few evenings there and talking to my new friends, an idea started to grow in my mind.

Before I knew what was happening I had started The 1920s Berlin project, a sim where people can go back in time and explore this fascinating city during its golden era.

Now, years later, that sim is doing very well, it has grown more than I could have imagined and other historical sims are scheduled to be build.

I’m still very passionate about Second Life because I see its potential and see what it did for me.

In real life I run a historical consultancy, I work for film, tv and museums and are also a known for being that eccentric woman who has a 1930s lifestyle.

I am also co-host of the the drax files radio hour [with jo yardley]

3 thoughts on “About me”

  1. this is very interesting to me! There are many aspects of SL that I simply abhor and others that I found quite inspiring. History is one of my passions too ( along with travel and story telling). Next time I’m in SL I must visit yours.

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  2. Linden Lab faked the wireframe images on its website for Project Sansar. What else is faked. http://www.slpress.org/2016/01/breaking-news-project-sansar-wireframes.html


  3. FYI typo: “I let SL as fast as I could.” -> “I left SL as fast as I could.”
    Another “and other historical sims are scheduled to be build.” -> “and other historical sims are scheduled to be built.”

    feel free to delete this comment after you fix them

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