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Youtuber Mr. Moon has visited Second Life and made quite an impressive video about it with his old pal Vertiigo.
I have bumped into both of them a few times in games such as Rust, DayZ, etc, don’t ask what happened.
One of them may even have ended up in a dungeon in my castle, in a non pervy way of course, honest.
I may even have annoyed them with stories about Second Life, as I often do when playing games.
Because yes, I may be a fat old cat lady living in a farm in the middle of nowhere, I’m also a gamer and have been one since Pong.

Of all the games I’ve played and still play, of course none have gotten as much attention from me as Second Life.
It is where I hang out daily, meet my friends, spend time in the world I created in stead of some world a game developer imagined, even manage to make a little bit of a living there but above all, it just allows me to experience things I just never get to do in any of the games I play.

It is always interesting to see a relative newcomers experiences in the virtual world many of us have become so familiar with.
It is always annoying to see someone have a better computer and less lag than me though.

I’ve been trying to get LL to get more youtubers into trying SL, they can get you the kind of publicity you can’t buy!
Mr. Moon for instance has over 400K subscribers, his video has had over 60K views.

Of course they mostly hang out in dodgy clubs, ugly old sims, meet horrible rude people, there’s some hanky panky (thankfully blurry) and they do a fair bit of swearing.
Just so you know.

It’s funny though.

But underneath all that there seems to be a genuine curiosity and admiration for what they find during their exploration.
At the halfway mark the video changes, Mr. Moon chats with long term Second Life residents, asking serious questions, getting serious answers.
He starts to see some of the things that make SL great and wonderfully describes them.
He is talking to an audience of gamers, many of whom will have no interest in SL or look at it with certain preconceptions, but I reckon he got their attention.
He shows SL looking good, visiting wonderful spots with graphics settings set to high.
Anyway, it may bring some new people to SL, which is good 🙂

But I hope Verts & Moon come and spend more time in Second Life and make more videos.
If I bump into them I won’t lock them in a dungeon, again, I promise.