It has been announced and discussed in the Drax Files Radio Hour with Jo Yardley and I am happy to say that this video is now online.

I hope you all go and watch it and share it with everyone you know, people who are not into VR or Second Life but also those who are, especially if they are Linden Lab employees, or if they work for Oculus Rift, Leap Motion, Virtuix Omni or any other kind of company involved in this type of business.
Many of these people need a little reminder regarding the full potential of Second Life, yes that includes some Linden Lab employees.
But the video will also remind them of how far we’ve come.

We have an amazing virtual world here and although many think we’re part of the past, I reckon we’ve only just begun.

This excellent video was made by Loki Eliot who is a well known creator in Second Life.

It shows us the past, present and future of Virtual Reality.

A lovely walk down memory lane that will make you get all excited (again) about what VR is all about and where it is going at the moment.

But as I said, it is also just an excellent documentary about VR in general.

More about the creator and his video here on Loki Eliot’s blog.

Draxtor presents Loki Eliot’s “The LOST Virtual World”
A collection of videos telling the story of a virtual world, how a community embraced it and the media forgot about it.
Behold: a mash-up of interviews and documentary clips from the last 20 years about the phenomenon of virtual reality, its trials, tribulations and media mis-interpretations, all feeding social and political agendas of various stripes, juxtaposed with excerpts of a popular fictional TV show about passengers stranded on a mysterious island [no NOT Giligan’s!] – 30+ minutes, edited by 3D artist Loki Eliot.
A wonderful look at all sides of the debate about reality, the future of the human race and how to proceed, sandwiched between wide-eyed cyber utopianism and dire warnings of the end of reality as we know it.
With its inclusion of recent interviews with Oculus Rift inventor Palmer Luckey and early idealistic statements by Second Life founder Philip Rosedale this clip-show gives a great overview of the current debate and may even enthuse some of VR’s disillusioned early adopters…
Clips used include statements by
Robin Harper
David Fleck
Rick Kim
Philip Rosedale
Palmer Luckey
Steve Ballmer
Andrew Keen
Louis CK
Rod Humble
Fran Seranade
various elected US congress persons
Clips from ABC’s “LOST” copyright ABC Television, used under fair use guidelines.