Linden Lab just made the following announcement on their Press release page;

The Conclusion of Patterns


Recently, Linden Lab announced that we are working on an ambitious project to create the next-generation virtual world, while we continue to improve Second Life and grow Blocksworld. As we focus on these priorities, we have ceased development for Patterns, and we will be no longer offering the game for sale.

We at Linden Lab are extremely grateful for the adventurous early players who explored the Patterns genesis release. Those who purchased the Patterns genesis release will still be able to play their copies of the game, but features relying on server connections, such as world-sharing, will not be functional.

Patterns had early promise, and while Linden Lab focuses our efforts on our other offerings, we are still evaluating the future of the Patterns technology. Interested parties are welcome to contact us with proposals.

Linden Lab moved quickly, the Patterns website www.buildpatterns.com now links to the Linden Lab website and it has already been removed from their Products page.
The twitter account https://twitter.com/BuildPatterns has also been deleted.

Linden Lab announced Patterns in September 2012.

I tried it myself and felt it had potential but it failed to keep me entertained for more than a few hours.

It was described by many as ‘MineCraft’ with triangles in stead of cubes.

Although sad to see something that still gives a lot of people pleasure go, I personally like that Linden Lab concentrates on fewer products.

Poor little triangle guy.