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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the future in VR is one with as few wearable pieces of technology as possible.

The fewer suits, pedals, headsets, gloves, special shoes and so on, we have to wear, the better.

Virtual Reality should mimic reality and thus you should be able to interact with the virtual world with your hands, the way you do in reality.

We’re not there yet, but things are moving along quickly.

No matter how realistic VR will become, there will always be a need for menus.

vr handsHovercast shows an interesting way of adding menus to your hands allowing you to choose options without having to remove your headset and find your keyboard or wave about in the top of your screen, as is the case with the Second Life Oculus Rift viewer.

With a 3D sensor such as the lovely ‘Leap Motion’ and this piece of software made by zachkinstner, you can get many options in a menu activated via your hands and fingers.

I love this and think that this will eventually be where we’ll be heading.
A sensor will translate all your movements into VR and there will be no more need for a keyboard, mouse, etc.

Check out this video and try it yourself by downloading it here.

And where we perhaps one day will end up is in a virtual reality like in this old yet fantastic video that I can’t share enough;

Thank you Indigo Mertel for the heads up!