During the annual re-enactment of the bloody riots in Berlin of May day 1929, I decided to try Bright Canopy on my ‘game laptop’.

Bright Canopy allows you to stream Second Life via a web browser and could fill the gap SL Go has left after it stopped being available earlier today.

Although I was very disappointed to find that using it on my 6 year old MacBook was just asking a bit too much (at the moment), it worked rather well on my Alienware laptop.
You may think that this is obvious, but sadly the Nvidia card stopped working some time ago so it only has the intel card left.
So no groovy ultra graphics with shadows for me without some sort of streaming service.

As Bright Canopy is still in an early stage of development, it may get even better in the future.
Watch this space.

Anyway, you can see all the pictures I took with Bright Canopy here, sorry about the gruesome subject of them, but in our sim we try to recreate the past and well, History has some rather unpleasant bits;
Bright Canopy Photo album on Flickr

More BC news soon.

blutmai riot bright canopy