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During todays ‘Meet a Linden’ with Troy and Danger Linden a few little details about Sansar were reveiled that may be news to many of us.

I won’t go into detail much as I’m way too busy running the daily Happy Hour at our 1920s Berlin display in SL12B and I am sure some of the other bloggers will post a detailed report.

So here are just my tweets that I posted while the chat was happening;

(I’ll be writing a blog about this soon)

The idea being that you don’t have to create a full account just to be able to own some land and start building, which I think is a great idea.

This is very important of course, as rent is essential to keep communities going, besides having to pay tier money coming in is also important to keep improving the place but also to justify the amount of time the managers and builders put into it.
Of course with free land being available and tier (hopefully) going down for us as well, rent in may places may go down a little bit, making SL cheaper without lots of people suddenly losing lots of income.
But those of us in SL who rent out small parcels to people who need a skybox or just a little place to build a small home may need to reconsider their business model.

This is fantastic, many, probably most hard core users of Second Life have a few alts and we have to buy new stuff and clothes for all of them, not to mention the complicated hassle of passing things from one to the other with the wrong permissions, etc, etc.
If I understood correctly, you will have one main account and you can add other secondary accounts to this main account and they all share the same inventory while being different avatars to the outside world.

This is also rather nice, many people don’t want to use their RL voice in virtual reality for one of many reasons and giving us both voice and text chat is a great option.

This is interesting, as a huge fan of Firestorm, I’d be most upset if at least some of the options I can’t do without (such as contact sets, super radar, etc) won’t be in Sansar.
But I also sort of get why open source is a bit of a pain for LL, especially with something new.
This way they can keep their viewer to themselves and make sure everyone uses the same viewer but they still give us (and hopefully the Firestorm team) plenty to tinker with.

I like this as well.
The idea being that the barrier to get started in SL is very low, you won’t need to share any or much information to get started and go explore.
Very handy if you want to show Sansar to your friends.
But the more information you give, the more freedom and options you’ll have.
For starters of course it will be needed to buy and sell money, and perhaps the more LL knows about you, the faster they can transfer your cash to Paypal, etc.
And if you own a region, you can decide that perhaps you only want to allow people who have proven their age.
One of the great things this could help with is fighting grievers.