Today at 2pm SLT the “(Second) Life changing news” was finally officially revealed after days of speculations.

In a ‘Designing Worlds’ special Patch Linden confirmed that the prim allowances are going up across Second Life.

New allowances:


  • Full region  -22500 (was 15000)
  • Homesteads – 5000 (was 3750)
  • Openspace – 1000 (was 750)

Private estates (Islands);

  • Full region – 20000 (was 15000)
  • Homesteads – 5000 (was 3750)
  • Openspace – 1000 (was 750)


Patch could not yet confirm when this limit is going to be handed out grid-wide but hopefully within a few months, as long as everything is working properly on the mainland first.
In group chat he said he hoped it could all be done before Thanksgiving.

Of course it is not very nice that us islanders do not get as many prims as mainlanders.
Patch explained this by saying that LL feels that mainland owners deserved extra benefit as we estate owners already had the tier reduction option a few months ago and generally people who own private estates get many other benefits as well.
This is of course true but that also means that we had to spend a lot of money on decreasing our tier and although living on the mainland of course has many “challenges”, we estate owners have plenty as well.

But on top of that estate owners are given an extra option;
Islanders (private estate owners) will be given the ability is to increase their prim allowance on a private region with another 10.000 prims to 30.000 but the fee to change this tier allowance will cost $30 and then a following  $30 extra tier per month for this.

This is indeed huge news, effectively we estate owners can double our land impact for an, I think, very reasonable fee.

For more information check out the Designing Worlds website by clicking here.

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