Second Life is full of zombies.
Literal zombies who want to eat our brains but also zombie accounts; residents who have been among us even though they haven’t logged into Second Life for years.

This generally isn’t a big issue although it is slightly itch-inducing for those of us who like order or suffer a bit from OCD.
But after the recent announcement regarding the new costs in SL it seems that they are actually quite a strain on Linden Lab’s resources.

As Grumpity Linden said;

So how about we start clearing inactive accounts?

No no no, calm down, I don’t mean delete everyone who hasn’t been inworld for a few weeks.

I mean we start stripping those accounts that haven’t been inworld for over a year.
And with stripping I mean that the accounts aren’t deleted or cancelled but that they are set to inactive and they lose their land, prims get returned and they’re automatically removed from groups.

And not out of the blue of course!
LL should send them several e-mails weeks in advance asking them to log in or perhaps even just respond to the e-mail or click a re-activate my account link.
That way even those of us who want to return to SL but sadly no longer have a computer that can run it or who are for some reason unable to log in can still quite simply avoid being deactivated for another yea.

How would this improve our Second Life?

Inactive accounts would be removed from all groups and if they own groups, these groups will be disbanded or the group is transferred to the next owner or an admin.
Thus lowering the strain on groups but also letting people know that the group they were a member of was one that it’s owner had abandoned.
I know of a group that has been around for years, has quite a few members in it but its owner left SL and deleted her account.
The group chat is never used, messages are never send.
It’s just taking up resources.
I remove people who haven’t been online for over a year from my group regularly.
Imagine how nice it would be if these people were removed automatically.
The number of group members grid wide would go down dramatically.

The land owned by inactive accounts would be cleared, prims returned and the land put up for sale.
Mainland is littered with little plots owned by people who haven’t used them in years.
I know of several plots on the mainland that belong to people who I know will never return.
One of these plots if full of pets who are all very hungry as they haven’t been fed in years.
Poor neighbours.

Although I don’t think these people should also be removed from marketplace, their sale pages should have it mentioned that the creator/seller of the item is inactive.
Many times I’ve been more than frustrated after buying something only to find out that the person who I need to help me fix something or who I want to give me back my money has left SL.

It would also be nice to see this inactive status on someone’s profile.
Many times I’ve tried to get in touch with someone, waiting for their response only to finally find out they haven’t been online for years by joining a group they are also in.

Anyway, I think it is something we could consider.
Till it becomes a function perhaps considering removing inactive members from your group manyally.
Just in case you don’t know how;

Open your group window, select the ‘Members & Roles’ tab.
Click the ‘members’ button and then the ‘status column till you see your group members ordered by when they were last online.
Select the people you think have been offline too long and then click the ‘eject’ button.
If you click the person at the top of the list and then hold shift, you can scroll down to the last person you want to eject and click that one to select all the people in between at once.