Nalates Urriah just announced on her blog (click to read the article!) that Linden Lab has finished making a viewer that works with the Oculus Rift!

This is very big and exciting news.

We knew LL was working on this but all we knew was that it would be finished before the commercial version of the Rift became available to the public next year.

Nalates says that VoidPointer Linden said that things looked really cool and that he was actually using it during the meeting.

Apparently it had very little effect on his FPS.

VoidPointer Linden responded to this blog with the following comment;

“Feature Complete” is not “ready”, actually. It means that the planned features are done. There is more to a release than just features, however, as there is still testing and bug-fixing, which is in progress. It’s the equivalent of a first-draft of a book”

So we’re not there yet, but I’m still very excited.
Things are working and LL is making progress!

It has not yet been officially announced when the Oculus Rift compatible viewer becomes available to the public but now it is ready, it seems we won’t have to wait very long.

The more time we in SL have to prepare for an Second Life full of Oculus users, the better.

Because I think, being very optimistic, that when the Oculus becomes public, lots of people will buy one and after trying a few demos that come with the Oculus, they might want to give Second Life another go.

After all, trying a demo is fun, but being able to explore something in VR that you’ve build yourself is even more fun.

Of course this all depends on how Linden Lab is going to play this, they have to make sure they are ready to start a whole new PR campaign the second the Oculus goes commercial, making sure everyone who buys one, knows they could (and should) try it in Second Life!

Inara Pey was also at the meeting, you can read her report on her blog here.

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CEO of Linden Lab, Rod Humble, trying out the Oculus Rift.