A while back people in Second Life were panicking because a lot of avatar profiles were being blocked and deleted.

It seems that Facebook is doing it again, if they ever stopped to begin with.

Some people think that your account can only be deleted if enough people report it as being fake.

Personally I think Facebook just has some sort of algorithm software set up that continuously searches for certain flags.

It analyses your pictures, your posts, your groups and, I think, especially your profile.

But we’re not sure why Facebook deletes some people’s profiles and leaves others alone.

During the last avatar hunt nobody I know got caught, this time around a few.

I hope that this algorithm of them doesn’t hop from one profile to another, although that would make sense.
After all chances of an avatar’s friends also being avatars are pretty high.

Either way, it is probably a good idea to try and make your profile appear as non-avatar as possible.
Add a few real people photos, don’t tell your profile you’ve been to school at ‘Second Life Academy’, or live on ‘Linden Lab Lane’, don’t put your birthdate as being 1903.

The more common your profile looks, the less likely it will be deleted… or so I think anyway.

Of course we should all abandon Facebook and its evil ways (of which there are many) but there is just no denying that it is a very nifty piece of software and oh so handy as a way to stay in touch or manage SL related groups.
And the alternatives… well there aren’t really any, not that I like anyway.
I may hate Facebook, I use it a LOT and it has become almost essential for my job, after all I can’t think of many ways to stay in touch with the more than 60.000 fans I have on my RL job page.
Yes, I did just put that in there to show off.

Some people suggest we setup pages for our SL profiles, this is an excellent way to stay in touch with other people in SL, but you’re not allowed to join groups.
And especially those are very interesting for us because those are great for discussions, sharing event snapshots and have a shared calendar with events you can invite everyone to.

I don’t understand why Facebook doesn’t just create a special Avatar (or artist or whatever) profile that in some way is clearly different from others.
Because even though fake profiles may give them less RL information they can sell to companies and the NSA, I still get the pleasure of being bombarded by advertisements when I use Facebook as an avatar.

If you have any idea how Facebook works while hunting us down, share it in the comments and if you’ve noticed more profiles being deleted lately.

Maybe we should start a petition somewhere asking FB for avatar profiles.

It would be nice if the Second Life social page thingy on the official Second Life website had more options so that we could all hang out there and use that place for all these SL related things.
But alas, so far it is a glorified notice board that almost nobody I know actually uses.