A new Draxfiles radio hour episode;

the drax files radio hour

show #60 show #60

today on the show = linden ceo ebbe altberg reveals next gen vw secrets & director of sl engineering oz linden [at 35:25] confidently addresses educators at vwbpe.

exciting times:

detailed reading linkage below as per usual:

daniel voyager summarizes the main points of ebbe linden’s keynote

ebbe in suit at vwbpe ebbe in suit at vwbpe

inara pey transcribes ebbe’s speech [how does she do it?]

half rezzed sl 2015.. half rezzed sl 2015..

marxent labs has the holodeck [trademarked?]

apple might bring style to ar wearables

new ctrlaltstudio viewer [with oculus support] out now!

conceptual artist or troll? you be the judge!

is this really NEW media? is this really NEW media?

hitbox vs twitch = where do you stand?

drax on hitbox drax on hitbox

birth and vr = yes it is for real!

no more linden $ on other grids

– our musical guest jordan reyne

jordan reyne jordan reyne

our guest oz…

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