Ebbe just announced live during his SL15b interview that tier & setup fees are going down!
A very important thing that many of us have been asking for for a long long time.

In short;

  • Maintenance fees (tier) goes down by 15%
  • Setup fees for land are reduced by 41%

These things are hugely important.
I think setup fees should be ZERO but lowering it from $600 to $349 will already make a huge difference for people who want to start a new sim.

So if you own a private region, congratulations!

Unfortunately these discounts are not available for grandfathered/bought down land prices.
Which is a huge shame.
A while back LL offered this option and many of us worked very hard to be able to pay for this tier discount and now that difference in tier isn’t that big any more, not that we didn’t already make that money back, but still!
I want a discount too!

I know, staring a gift horse in the mouth isn’t very nice, but I can’t help myself.
We’re talking money here and I’m Dutch!

Oh and of course, every action has an opposite reaction; the costs of buying Linden Dollars goes up.

You can read the official announcement by clicking here; https://community.secondlife.com/blogs/entry/2375-another-15-for-15-lower-land-prices-and-reduced-set-up-fees/